On the Mahomet Aquifer Project…

“Professor’s Project Draws Attention to the Environment”, By Melissa Merli, The News-Gazette

Dance, Spread Out, By Assimina Chremos, Time Out Chicago

“Thinking Outside the Stage”,  By Alyssa Shoeneman, The 217

On Choreographer Jennifer Monson…

“Her passion for scientific process was transformed into a refined showcase that revealed an artist’s gutsy imagination.”

  • Gia Kourlas, Timeout NY

“The push/pull permeability of organism and environment was revealed in the dancing. They lunged, swinging buckets of reeds, creating a momentum across the stage, art and science are felicitous partners, and can work together to affect first awareness and then change. In this way Monson’s piece is part of a new consciousness.”

  • Lori Ortiz, Gay City News

“Monson has developed an intricate intellectual apparatus for understanding movement, which can be applied to dancing and nearly everything else…”

  • Apollinaire Scher, The New York Times

“Monson joins the emotional and visceral experience of intimacy with a choreographic language of pure physicality.”

  • Rosalee Goldberg, Artforum

“Monson has many ways of short-circuiting convention. The animal studies elaborate on Mr.[Merce] Cunningham’s own nature studies and those of the 60’s innovator Simone Forti. The peculiarities of her settings reorient the dancers’ habitual responses. And then there is the complex system she has invented for navigating the body. But expanding the range of beauty in dance isn’t her only goal. The methods she has developed also illuminate the dancers’ surroundings.”

  • Apollinaire Scher, The New York Times

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